Community Service: 6 Ways to Help Your City

community service

We could all do a little more for our community—and with a community as special as ours, why wouldn’t we? If you don’t know where to start, here are some small things you can do in the community that make a big difference.

#1: Volunteer

There are so many ways to volunteer in your community, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an opportunity that fits into your schedule! 

You can sign up to volunteer through a community service organization—mentor a child in the area, become a hospital visitor, or volunteer for a conservation. Or you can spend a bit of your free time by befriending an older citizen in the community, or by helping out at the local charity shop. Look online for volunteer opportunities, or simply lend a helping hand where it’s needed. 

#2: Shop Locally

This is one of the easiest ways to give back to your community. Buy anything that you can in town at a locally owned business, instead of a large chain. Support and get to know your local farmers! Attend local events, festivals, or craft fairs where you can buy things from other community members. Keep as much money as you can within your community, and watch it prosper.

#3: Tidy Up

Just like volunteering, there are a lot of community service organizations you can work with to clean up your area. Litter pick ups or community gardens are easy ways to make your town a nicer place to live. Can’t find any local events like this? Start your own! Get a group of people, no matter how small, and dedicate some time to picking up trash or cleaning up graffiti in a certain area. No idea is too small!

#4: Help Your Neighbors

Give to the community directly in the form of supporting and getting to know your own neighbors. Lend a helping hand with their outdoor projects, invite them over, offer them a ride somewhere—you’ll see kindness reciprocated and spread throughout the community!

#5: Raise Money

Organize town markets, fairs, bake sales, etc. Make friendship bracelets, book marks, candles—anything!—and sell them to members of the community. Put the profits toward making your community a better place to live through community projects. 

#6: Donate

Donate your canned goods, clothes, and household items to your local homeless shelter, animal shelter, or thrift store. It all goes a long way for the rest of your community. Think twice before just throwing something away—if it’s in good condition, it’s likely that someone could use it. 

And if you’ve got any ideas for the City of Atmore, or if you’d like to learn more, reach out!