Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Atmore

Vice President and Partner of Pepsi Bottling Company in Atmore Dale Ash is proud of her company’s involvement in the local community. As one of the smallest franchises in the country—covering just three and a half counties—it more than pulls its weight in donations and supporting the community. Some of their coworkers serve on almost every chamber board in every city that covers the three and a half counties.

Of almost 50 employees, most are from the Atmore area and are extremely involved and in support of Atmore’s downtown revitalization. As Dale Ash puts it, Atmore’s Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company is in the heart of the community, with the community in their heart. One of their primary goals is to improve the cultural arts and education, as well as the tourism in Atmore to encourage more people to move there and stay.

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Working with the Community

Right now, Atmore is a charming town on the way to somewhere else—whether it’s people driving through to buy lottery tickets at the state line, or people on their way up from Florida. This is where the downtown revitalization comes in. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company is a huge supporter of improving the quality of life in Atmore.

The Fehrs are a great example of what this powerful community can do. Brandy Fehr of Fehr Paint and Contracting and Tiger Lily Children’s Boutique was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, and the community has rallied around her. Every Friday for May and June of this year, participating businesses are donating a percentage of their sales to help Brandy. Atmore’s Pepsi  was on the ground floor of this idea.

The habit of giving back is cyclical in Atmore—before Brandy was diagnosed, she and her husband had gotten a Sherwin Williams grant for $15,000 worth of paint toward the downtown revitalization project. Her husband painted an entire downtown building for free.

Pepsi-Atmore is also frequently involved in area runs, local schools, senior communities, and the city’s overall economic development. Even though their donations often don’t translate directly into sales, the company is determined to improve the quality of life in their town. In addition to having positive impacts on the community, the community has a positive impact on the city’s residents.

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“There is not a better place to be than Atmore when you’re down, and that means more than anything,” said Dale Ash. She describes Atmore as a place of unquestioning support, where you’re never alone in hard times. One of her favorite parts of the job is reading the fundraising requests they receive—in addition to the donations Pepsi-Atmore provides, this is a great way to keep tabs on what’s going on with people in the community. This gives them the opportunity to support their fellow citizens in prayer, too.

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Upcoming Events

83-year-old community activist Myrna Monroe is putting together the Pride of Atmore’s Salad Luncheon on June 24 from 11 am to 2 pm. The event will be completely farm-to-table, and all proceeds will go toward matching a grant for The Pride of Atmore. Pepsi-Atmore will be helping Atmore’s favorite matriarch put on her signature event.

For more Atmore news and events, contact the city today!